13-year-old Samsara Gamble sings Nina Simone’s Feeling Good!


13-year-old Samsara Gamble sings Nina Simone’s Feeling Good! It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me ! https://www.facebook.com/SamsaraXOXO


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Best Cover of Earth Wind & Fire “September”



Earth Wind & Fire cd-coverIn my opinion, the best cover of September on the site is performed by OurStage artist Panache Band‘s  lead singer Johan aka Simply Johan

Panache (41)

They open the song with solo piano instead of two guitars like the original, allowing the listener to hear all moving parts in one place. Moreover, the method of recording used for this introduction, and the addition of dissonant notes, makes the piano sounds natural and sophisticated. They alter the brass as well, manipulating the opening horn riff just enough to make it unique from the original, a trend that develops throughout the piece; similar sounding enough to create the same energy and feeling, but imaginative enough to gloat about its own knack.

Johan & the Panache Band

The most unattainable disparity between this rendition and the 1979 version is the singing. Obviously, Maurice White’s vocal ability is nearly impossible to replicate. Instead of trying to perfect the falsetto, Panache Band singer Johan belts the lyrics out in a lower octave. And though at first this may seem like a cop-out, it adds a raspy strength to the vocal line that’s absent in the original. Besides, the overflowing brass section adequately compensates for any lacking high frequencies.

Lastly, they lay the icing on the funk cake with quietly lurking organ riffs throughout—a perfect wildcard addition to make the song their own.”

Published by Under Covers
OurStage Music & Artist Reviews
Contributing Writer
September 19, 2009 in  Volume 4

Link to Our Stage Review

Johan & The Panache Band 

September Cover by Simply Johan

Listen to Earth, wind & Fire cover of SEPTEMBER by Johan on Reverbnation!

Introducing Samsara XOXO! Just a SoulGirl!


We are so tickled pink to introduce SAMSARA XOXO our newest and  youngest R&B /POP/SOUL emerging Artist!

Samsara XOXO

Samsara XOXO  was born Samsara Gamble with a song in her heart ! When she was just a baby she would already harmonize in her little crib and experiment with her voice just a bit more than the usual baby babbling.

Samsara enjoys performing with her school band and recently performed at the LILA PALOOZA annual event!


Samsara also sang in chorus/choir with the Shakespeare Children’s  Choir on M83‘s “HurryUp, We’re Dreaming ” GRAMMY Nominated Best New Alternative album  in 2012.

M83- Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

Her father, Simply Johan R&B singer & musician introduced her to Old-school R&B/soul & Funk music at an early age and she naturally picked up pop music in her blood.

Samsara started writing her own lyrics and songs at age 6 in French and English and has not stopped since. She loves to experiment with her voice and singing is her passion. She also enjoys making her own videos and iMovies for her YouTube friends and creating her own beats. Samsara is currently always singing, training, learning new vocal skills as well as theater, dancing, and acting and loves to perform LIVE with an album in the works.

Here she is for her very first public performance LIVE at the Bastille Day Los Angeles  last year at the 11th Annual Event introduced by Johan & The Panache Band interpreting a popular  French song by Joe Dassin “Aux Champs Elysées” in honour of the French National Day!

We’d like to thank Bastille Day LA ‘s gracious hosts from The French Connection Radio and Passions Productions producers of Bastille Day Los Angeles  event.

A special thank you also to auntie Christelle Karen Gaspart, stylist for the cool outfit!

This year SAMSARA XOXO has been invited to celebrate her French spirit at the 12th Annual Bastille Day Los Angeles Festival on Sunday July 14, 2013!  At noon, she will be singing the French National Anthem La Marseillaise acapella and interpreting some of Ben l’Oncle Soul accompanied with Simply Johan on acoustic. This is going to be a very special father & daughter performance on stage!

More to come on this young promising R&B/ SOUl/ POP soulgirl artist!

Make Music Pasadena on June 1rst 2013 !


Over 150 concerts on Saturday, June 1. Amazing emerging bands who are playing more intimate venues including Slater’s 50/50 Pasadena, Vertical Wine Bistro, Creme de la Crepe, POP Champagne & Dessert Bar, Old Town Pub Pasadena, 35er Bar, Century Books, HighLowVintage, One Love Pasadena, Club Menage, Twin Palms Pasadena + much more!

Make Music Pasadena 2013

When you come to the festival please check out some of the smaller stages- they are just amazing if not more so!!!  You’ll see todays emerging artist in an intimate setting who could be next year’s hot thing!

Full schedule here: www.makemusicpasadena.org

Carla Bruni’s Little French Songs!


Carla Bruni is back with a new album entitled “Little French Songs” coming out April 1rst 2013! Pre-order available in the US now on Amazon!

Little French Songs  Carla Bruni signed with Universal Music France at the Barclay Logo label in January 2013 for brand new projects launching this fourth album following her 5 year musical hiatus at the Elysées as the Frst Lady of France .

Carla Bruni Clip tournage 1

Carla Bruni Clip Tournage 2

“Chez Keith et Anita” single

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Just Loving You! (MP3/iTunes/iPhones) ❤


Promo for the song “Just Lovin You” MP3 files available online for your iPhones (iTunes) and other eStores online. Also the Mog/Muzak plus other companies have license to provide for any business owners for their Feb. month to play in Stores & on messages. Links & data on this song provided by CJPStaff member rw@cjp-nhrecords.com .  You know this song is for special people too:http://is.gd/2c3xnY

Just Loving You Promo

Behind the Scenes with the “Shakespeare Bridge Children’s Choir” in the Studio with M83: Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming!


Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 “The Shakespeare Bridge Children’s Choir” took part in the recording of M83 album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming.” nominated for a GRAMMY for Best New Alternative Album of the year!  I asked Choir director, Toni Kasza what the experience was like:

“12 children from 8 years old to 11 years old, rehearsed twice and stepped into the studio to record back ground vocals like old pros!

Anthony Gonzalez from M83 was delightful to work with as he encouraged the children and charmed the parents in a fluid flow from French to English and back.

This group of young singers know me well and their level of discipline and musical accuracy was impressive to the producer, engineer and Anthony as well.

The best part was that we had so much fun!  For many it was a once in a lifetime experience, for some, just the first of many more recording sessions to come.

For me personally, it has been an incredible year.  One of my private
students, Juliana,  has made top 40 in this year’s American Idol Season.  She’s on to Vegas to try to make top 10!

I am so lucky to be able to do what I love and inspire children to reap the rewards that come with fueling your passion with hard work.”

It is truly s a delight to listen to this phenomenal album and the beautiful choir and chorus  voices in the background of songs. There’s really nothing like children’s voices in music and I will personally treasure hearing it knowing that my 11-year-old daughter Samsara Gamble’s voice is a part of this epic project!

Will be adding behind the scenes in the studio pictures as they become available!

We are all cheering you  for the Grammys!   or shall we say in French :  ” Merci beaucoup!” et bonne chance  pour les Grammys!!!!!”

Credits for M83 double LP album: “Hurry Up, I ‘m Dreaming” featuring the “Shakespeare Bridge Choir” : 

  • Morgan Kibby
  • Composer, Vocals (Background), Choir, Chorus, Monologue
  • Lyle Workman
  • Guitar (Acoustic), Banjo, Mandolin, Marxophone
  • Joey Waronker
  • Percussion, Orchestral Percussion, Drums (Electric)
  • Amy White
  • Vocals (Background), Choir, Chorus
  • Justin Meldal-Johnsen
  • Guitar (Acoustic), Mandolin, Composer, Guitar (Electric), Programming, Snaps, Clapping, Engineer, Producer, Recorder, Keyboards, Guitar (Bass), Percussion
  • Anthony Gonzalez
  • Synthesizer, Composer, Guitar (Electric), Programming, Snaps, Orchestral Arrangements, Design, Art Direction, Clapping, Producer, Vocals (Background), Vocals, Keyboards, Conductor, Piano
  • Brad Laner
  • Composer, Vocals, Vocals (Background)

Originally posted on PlayNetwork's Blog:

Happy New Year folks! As we close the door on 2012, we look back on the year in music. Every year our music supervisors spend countless hours ingesting thousands of artists, albums, and songs that wrap around their cerebellum and become the basis of the branded sounds we create for our clients. But, their own tastes are sometimes left out of the mix (so to speak).

This year, our diverse team of Music Supervisors all voted on their personal favorite albums of 2012, the music that caught their ear and stood out from the pack. We tabulated all the votes, ranking them in order, and this Music Supervisor Top 40 Albumsof 2012 list captures some of the passion for new music and the individual tastes of our group.

Over the next several days, we’ll start at 40 and unveil ten at a time until we hit number one!


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M83’s Epic “Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming” Nominated for Grammy Best Alternative Music Album!


M83- Hurry Up, We're Dreaming

GRAMMY nominated for "Best Alternative Music Album" ( see all the  55th Annual GRAMMY Awards nominees here ) M83 is a blend of shimmering synths, ambient pop and progressive textures. L.A Based and French-born M83- Anthony Gonzalez has a winner on his hand with the double album  "Hurry Up, We're Dreaming." 

Some background  & courtesy repost & extracts from online M83 Facebook Page and Wikipedia:

“Prior to recording Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming, Anthony Gonzalez had moved from his native France to Los Angeles. Describing the move in an interview, Gonzalez said: “Having spent 29 years of my life in France, I moved to California a year and a half before the making of this album and I was excited and inspired by so many different things: by the landscape, by the way of life, by live shows, by movies, by the road trips I took alone… I was feeling alive again and this is, I feel, something that you can hear on the album”

“M83 is a French electronic/shoegaze band from Antibes, formed in 2001 by Anthony Gonzalez and Nicolas Fromageau. The band is named after the spiral galaxy Messier 83, and its musical aesthetic is influenced by shoegaze in its extensive use of reverb effects and lyrics spoken softly over loud instrumentals, although M83’s songs employ considerably less guitar than most shoegaze bands.

Musical project led by Anthony Gonzalez, see the page for music videos and upcoming live dates worldwide. More here: http://ilovem83.com/

“Plain big is not so hard to pull off. Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody”, Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb”, Harry Nilsson’s “Without You”, Jimmy Webb’s “MacArthur Park”, Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child o’ Mine”…rock history is landmarked with preposterously massive songs that are often bloated and overwrought, songs that stand as giant signposts to feeling, but communicate little actual emotion.

Grand-scale songs may be impressive, but filling tunes of a synapse short-circuiting enormity with real emotional resonance – making them memorable for reasons other than size – is much more difficult.It’s a talent Anthony Gonzalez has clearly mastered with ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’, a double album that brokers a brilliantly effective accord between the ostensibly conflicting demands of ’80s commercial pop and experimental rock, and packs some truly giant tunes.

The Antibes native has been steadily working to perfect the art of the megalithic alt.pop song since founding M83 in 2001. His self-titled debut from that year and sophomore release two years later, ‘Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts’ established him as a heavy hitter in the post-rock/bliss pop/cosmic electronica league, a skilled producer of hazy, lusciously layered, irresistibly narcotized, epic dreamscapes crafted (essentially solo) from treated electronics, plush synths, murmured vocals and fx-heavy guitar. Third album, ‘Before the Dawn Heals Us’ (2005) upped the cinematic, star-spangled ante but added a dark strangeness, while in 2007 M83 released the entirely ambient ‘Digital Shades Vol 1’. It was 2008’s ‘Saturdays = Youth’, a nostalgia-soaked paean to Gonzalez’s teenage years – and an unashamed celebration of artists such as Kate Bush and Jean-Michel Jarre – that paved the way for the monumental ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’.Co-produced by bassist Justin Meldal-Johnsen (known for his work with Beck, NIN, The Mars Volta, Goldfrapp), it took just 13 months to complete and features guest vocalists Zola Jesus on ‘Intro” and Brad Laner (from 90’s band Medicine) on “Splendor”, plus contributions from Gonzalez’s long-term collaborator, his brother Yann.

Gonzalez’s decision to record a 22-track double LP was the result of a youth impressed by The Beatles’ white album, ‘Ummagumma’ by Pink Floyd and Smashing Pumpkins’ ‘Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness’.“Artists that tried to do something as big as a double album were always inspiring to me,” he explains. “It’s a lot of work, but I always wanted to achieve something like that one day, and I just felt that the time was right for me to make one.”

The wryly contradictory title is a reference to a loose theme of dreaming and remembering, which Gonzalez found himself doing a lot more of after he moved to L.A to live in January 2010. “The initial three months were very tough,” he reveals. “I was feeling lonely in my apartment, working on the album and I don’t really know why, but I started to have memories from my childhood. It made me nostalgic in a good way, and I started to remember some of my dreams from being a kid – nothing very precise, but more the feeling. So, I thought that was a good concept for the album. It’s a retrospective of my life, from childhood to being a teenager and then an adult.”

These recollections surface most explicitly in “Raconte-Moi Une Histoire” (when he was five, his mother used to buy him a kids’ magazine with the same title, which had a cassette of narrated stories mounted on the cover) and “OK Pal”, which reminds Gonzalez of episodes in his teens, “like when you first meet someone who really understands you.”

The album title is also a neat summary of the record’s twin tempers – urgent and introspective – and of Gonzalez’s dual identity as dance floor enthusiast and solipsistic muser. So, “Midnight City” is a huge chunk of glittering and euphoric nu-disco that somehow joins that dots between Peter Gabriel and Underworld, and features not only that big no-no of contemporary pop – a saxophone solo – but also a fade-out. “Reunion”, too, is built on a triumphantly massive scale, its layer-cake vocals suggesting Toto as produced by My Bloody Valentine, while “Claudia Lewis” ramps up M83’s feelings for ’80s music from affection to passionate love, even sneaking in the slap bass usually verboten by the contemporary pop police.Conversely, “Where the Boats Go” wraps woozy pop soundscapes around a sombre piano coda, the aptly titled “Splendor” summons a divinely doomed, synth-centric romanticism and the album’s wild card, “Soon, My Friend”, drops all things electronic in favour of acoustic guitar, strings, brass and a choir.

“I like the fact that the album is like a rollercoaster,” Gonzalez says. “Sometimes it goes fast, and then it will slow down for a while. You can’t stay at the same tempo all the time.” This is an album that’s epic not only in terms of scale, but also of structure, with both an intro and an outro, and brief tracks like “Train to Pluton” and “Fountains” functioning as interludes. M83’s music has long been acknowledged as cinematic, not least of all by Gonzalez himself, who’s a huge film fan (Terrence Malick’s ‘Days of Heaven’, ‘Nowhere’ by Gregg Araki, Werner Herzog’s ‘Aguirre, the Wrath of God’ and Todd Haynes’ ‘Safe’ are some of his favourites).

“The whole album is like a movie, with opening and closing credits,” he explains. “It’s a journey, you know?” This love of cinema even helped Gonzalez ratchet up his vocal power levels for the new record. When writing in the studio, he often plays films in the background with the sound on mute and, while working on “Wait”, he watched ‘Aguirre, the Wrath of God’, “with Klaus Kinski and all his anger.” And so I decided to try something where I was almost screaming, alone in my studio in LA.”

“That inspired me to go forward in my vocals. Morgan [Kibby, vocalist and keyboardist] came into the studio and I played her the vocal as a work in process. She told me I should start singing like that, so it was a kind of discovery. A good one, I hope!” Kings Of Leon, The Killers and Depeche Mode – all of whom M83 toured with in 2010 – can also take some credit for Gonzalez’s newly beefy vocals

As he says: “When you see all those frontmen onstage who are very confident in front of a large audience, it gives you confidence to try the same thing and that’s what I wanted to do with this album. I said to myself, ‘Okay, Anthony; you just turned 30. It’s time for you to be less shy in front of a microphone.’ I’ve never sung as loud before as I have on this album.”The widescreen, gee-wow monumentality and seductive mirror-ball dazzle of songs like “Midnight City” provided Gonzalez with a songwriting and production challenge “because [my] history is very indie, very post- rock and ambient and cinematic.” I’ve also always been fascinated by pop artists, especially during the ’80s – Tears For Fears, Prefab Sprout, The Thompson Twins – all these bands are a huge influence on this album. It’s my first record where the musical spectrum is so wide and that’s very important to me. Most of the time, people only remember my more cinematic and melancholic songs, but I also want them to remember my pop songs.”

One thing you won’t hear alongside the synths, slap bass, Sindrums and sax solo on ‘Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming’ is Gonzalez apologizing for romanticizing the ’80s. He’s hopelessly hooked. “I’m in love with the sound of the ’80s,” he enthuses. “I always thought the production then was stunning. It’s very clear and very powerful, with not a lot of elements. Commercial music was better in those days. I’m not saying music is bad nowadays – on the contrary, music is very interesting and a lot of it is very innovative – but if you listen to the radio now, it sounds like shit. If you were listening to radio in the ’80s, you were hearing acts like Blondie, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Tears For Fears, Talk Talk… there were great songs that were also fantastic and meaningful pieces of art.”

Fantastic songs that are also meaningful pieces of art – for M83, that means instruments played live in the studio, not by a computer, apart from the Pro Tools software he uses for actual recording. He may have been smitten by the impossibly lush, futuristic synths of Jean-Michel Jarre’s ‘Oxygene’ when he saw him on TV as a kid, but replicating those thrillingly futuristic sounds was never Gonzalez’s aim. “The main idea with this album was to make something in the way that people used to make albums, before computers. Going into a proper studio, taking time to find the right sounds for the guitars…it’s more about crafting.”

“Mine is the story of any artist,’ reckons Gonzalez. “I have more experience now, I’m more mature and I have more confidence in my music. This is the first time in my career when, if I have an idea in my head, I can create it in music. It’s something I was never able to do before. I’m a big romantic, especially about music,” he adds. “There’s nothing more beautiful than something well recorded that you can listen to on a good sound system.” Something meaningful – and massive –he might well add.”

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America’s Got Talent! Los Angeles Auditions …


On November 14, 2012 we headed to Downtown at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the America’s Got Talent Auditions.



Samsara aka Samsara XOXO and her brother Sky aka Little Heavy who live in Los Angeles wanted to audition for fun and for the experience since they are still too young for the other show such  as American Idol etc..


We were of course prepared for the wait and were surprised not to see thousands of people register. In the holding room it was another story. When we arrived they were calling out numbers in the 100s and our numbers were:  #375 and #376.





There was a good energy in the holding room. People gathered together in circles awaiting their numbers to be called…some had already been there for hours… we had just arrived. As the ice melted people started interacting and practicing their songs .


As the filming crew went around the room catching memorable moments  ( One of the memorable moments that day was an awesome young drummer who rocked the house) the kids and I took it all in. Sky especially wandered off by himself observing, making friends  and rehearsing his Justin Bieber song ” As long as you love me” while Samsara hummed her song Somebody that I Used to know“.


Here Sky (sitting in blue) is taking it all in as acts come up on the checkered rehearsal stage with bright lights. Michael Jackson was in the house! :) One of the contestants rallied up people and introduced each act as we entertained ourselves until it was time to go in for the audition.


The spirit in the room was electrifying with artists sticking and supporting each other doing what they do best: perform!



We were lucky as we live in LA. Some hopefuls drove over for hours for a chance to audition. I was very touched when one of the young singers sang her song to me as her peers applauded her. Little bursts of cheer and support  would go through the room in waves as someone rehearsed their number.


We ended up waiting a couple fo hours before our numbers were called. There was a great sense of camaraderie as we cheered for all the performers practicing on the stage. From singers, rappers, mimes, acrobats, woman with a white bird… The 90 second audition itself took place in a small room upstairs in groups of 10 in front of a producer.


As we left the building we shouted a huge WAHOOO!!!! (well ok, I did! )  Sky & Samsara followed through on wanting to audition – this was one of their first formal audition and I am very proud of them.

Good luck to all who auditioned in Los Angeles!

Never ever give up on your dreams!


Direct from the OBAMA TEAM ! Inaugural Playlistjust relesaed! Thank you The Music Mix

Originally posted on The Music Mix:

President Obama’s public swearing-in will take place on Jan. 21, and the Obama team has just released an Official Inauguration Playlist by Barack Obama. The list features songs by Beyoncé, Kelly Clarkson and Katy Perry, all of whom who will be performing at various inauguration events this weekend. Other guests set to perform include fun., Alicia Keys, Usher, John Legend, Brad Paisley and Smokey Robinson.

Surprisingly, the playlist also features “Edge of Glory,” a Lady Gaga tune that thematically is a perfect fit for the event. But instead of the Lady Gaga version, the President went with the Glee cast version. A secret Gleek? Perhaps it’s a nod to his daughters — the Glee cast will be performing at the Kids’ Inaugural Concert on Jan. 19.

Listen to the full playlist below:

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Adele’s Skyfall Nominated for Best Original Song at Academy Awards



Adele‘s  track  “SKYFALL” from the latest 007 James Bond film has been nominated for Best Original Song at the Academy Awards. It is the first Academy Awards nominee for best original song in a decade  to have also reached top 10 hit billing on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.


“Skyfall” is a nominee is good company : “Les Misérables,” “Suddenly,” “Pi’s Lullaby”,  J. Ralph’s “Before My Time” from the documentary “Chasing Ice” and  “Everybody Needs A Best Friend” from “Ted,” lyrics from Seth MacFarlane who announced the nominations at Oscars’ headquarters this morning in Beverly Hills.


According to Billboard Magazine: “As a Hot 100 hit, Adele’s song  SKYFALL far outpaced its competition. It peaked at No. 8 and has sold 1.3 million copies, according to Soundscan. The last top 10 song to receive a nomination was Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” from the film “8 Mile.” It reached No. 1 in November of 2002, spent a total of 12 weeks atop the list, and went on to win the Academy Award the following year.”


It’s going to be a tough choice between SKYFALL & the screen version of LES MISERABLES….but my gut feeling tells me this epic song will take home Oscar…”hold your breath and count to 10!


Adele, Les Miserables Secure Oscar Nominations


Skyfall nominated for best original song at Academy Awards (www.adele.tv.news)



A Day at the GRAMMY Museum with Nikki Hornsby and CJP-NH Records Staff


A Day at the Grammy Museum with Nikki Hornsby and CJP-NH Records Staff

Nikki Hornsby Visit at GRAMMY Museum

Nikki Hornsby Founder & CEO of CJP-NHRecords and staff members had a private showing on Nov. 13, 2012 at the GRAMMY Museum in Los Angeles in honor of her grandfather Dan Hornsby whose musical legacy was displayed in the brand new exhibit 360 Sounds: The Columbia Records Story.  This exhibit retelling 125 years of Columbia Records history will be displayed for a whole year.

The GRAMMY Museum itself is awesome!!! It is not a “Museum” per se, but more of an exciting interactive forum for music makers & music lovers & families! (located  right across from the Staple Center where the 55th Grammy Awards TV Show takes place in Feb. 2013!)

This was a long-awaited day for Nikky Hornsby who donated to the GRAMMY Museum some of her family memorabilia and her grandfather’s Dan Hornsby’s Columbia Records recordings. We were very honored to be her guests and to hear firsthand about the musical greats as we relived through her eyes and lips the great Columbia Records era.

Dan Hornsby was honored at GRAMMY Museum  with a display containing some of his original Columbia recordings: Take Me Out to the Ball Game!” and “Oh! Suzanna!” among others!

Nikki Horsnby was delighted and very moved to finally see her grandpa’s Dan Hornsby’s music proudly displayed at the GRAMMY Museum’s special interactive exhibit:  360 Sounds: The Columbia Records Story as she graciously and humbly shared her grandfather’s Dan Hornsby’s musical legacy with CJP-NHRECORDS  staff and friends.

Many grateful thanks to Bob Santelli, Executive Director at the GRAMMY Museum and the young talented curators at the GRAMMY Museum who made this guided visit even more special. Thank you Nikki Hornsby and the GRAMMY Museum for this musically rich experience and for sharing this very special day down memory lane of the glorious Columbia years with us!

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