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This is an awesome concept and program that deserves our attention!  THE FIRST OF ITS KIND U.S. MILITARY DIGITAL MUSIC COMMUNITY FOR iTUNES® EXCLUSIVELY FOR ALL OUR MILITARY MUSICIANS, PAST AND PRESENT (courtesy reprint)

A big thumbs up to Brenda Brown of Brenda  Brown Entertainment and John Mates for this ambitious and worthwhile project! Take a listen:

Now is a GREAT time for, the FIRST OF ITS KIND U.S. MILITARY DIGITAL MUSIC COMMUNITY exclusively for all our military men and women, Active or Retired who have given great sacrifice for our Country, those who have all have in common current or past music to share with the world.

A site comprised of individual “Members” who want immediate placement of their music on iTunes® for worldwide exposure, continual promotion and great support. A Military Branch Specific “COMMUNITY” where all under one roof, the world can discover and learn about each Member, and be able to sample and purchase the various musical genre talents of our Heroes.

The Concept:

The concept behind is to create a new dedicated digital music site or what we call a “COMMUNITY”, where many of the 27 million US Military active and retired men and women, who proudly have worn the uniform of our Country and who have musical dreams, pursuits and careers can all be found. A unique digital Community for those who have already released or are planning to release singles or albums and who desire Worldwide exposure and sales, all the while being alongside their brethren who all share similar pursuits.

A site which will get universal support and promotion from all branches of the military throughout the world.A site where anyone in the world can go, read about each Member, sample his or her music and purchase what they like as singles or entire albums.

A site that will be branch specific (Army, Air Force, Marines, Navy and Coast Guard) allowing for each Member to have his/her own feature page within their branch of service; to tell their own story, post their photos, share their military history, have links to their social marketing sites, blog with each other and of course feature their music for sampling and sale through direct linkage to the iTunes® store.

A site that will give back to each member a substantial share of the royalties earned for each and every single or album sale made through iTunes®.

A site that will donate a percentage of all profits earned to worthy Veteran Support Groups.

A site that will promote each member to many key industry decision makers, sponsors, promoters and other professionals for maximum exposure and discovery.

Giving Back to Veteran Support Groups-Helping Those Who Helped Our Country: We are all about “Doing the Right Thing All the Time”. We anticipate making a limited amount of profit after we give most of the Royalties we receive back to our Military Members. They deserve to get paid for their talents.

After we pay our Members their Royalties, will retain a small percentage of what is left for business operations and we will also set aside a decent percentage which will go towards donations to several Veteran Support Groups such as Wounded Warrior and the USO.

Additionally, each new “Member”, will be given the options to designate whatever percentage of their Royalties they want to donate as well when the sign up to become a Member of

THIS MAKES A WIN WIN FOR EVERYONE!!! Our Heroes get paid, we make a little money and in need Veteran Support Groups get support from each and every single or album sold through

Funding Needs: is a stand alone division of Brenda Brown Entertainment, LLC. (BBE) Through BBE we have already invested substantially into this project. Much of the leg work, preliminary marketing and research has already taken place.  We are close to being able to Launch, but our resources are very limited for most of what is earned at BBE is paid out as royalties to the artists on the BBE Roster.

What is keeping us from Launching the project is the additional monies we need primarily for the development of the website and MAJOR promotion and advertising. WITHOUT THE ADDITIONAL FUNDS WE ARE SEEKING, THE PROJECT CANNOT BE LAUNCHED; FOR WE HAVE ALREADY TRIED PURSUING FUNDING THROUGH CONVENTIONAL MEANS WHICH IN TODAY’S ECONOMY ARE ALL BUT CLOSED TO US FOR NOW.  Any Donation Welcomed!!!

Our Connection to iTunes®: is a standalone company solely owned and operated by Brenda Brown Entertainment, LLC of North Las Vegas, NV

Brenda Brown Entertainment, LLC (BBE) is an Enterprise Partner with Apple and holds exclusive licensing contracts for worldwide content placement of music and books onto iTunes®. By authorizing full use of BBE’s licensing with iTunes, has full access to the benefits of BBE’s exclusive relationship derived from their license with iTunes. This gives the ability to offer immediate placement of all music content on iTunes for worldwide sales usually in 24-48 hours, allows the furnishing of on demand daily accounting of all sales, allows the ability to upload liner notes or digital booklets as part of the content for sale and allows to start with an Artist’s single or EP (3-8 songs) and build a completed album at a later time.  and more!

For a wealth of other information, to get involved and donate  visit 

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