Get Ready For Ricki … Meryl Streep !

Get Ready For Ricki … starring Meryl Streep opens on August 7th!

Always recreating  herself, this time Meryl  Streep incarnates Ricki Rendazzo  a rock star want to be who leaves her family. husband and kids  behind to pursue her rock ‘n’ roll dreams in Hollywood and march to her own drums.  In the movie, her daughter Julie is played by Streep’s real life actress daughter Mamie Gummer, 31!  Will she be able to redeem herself  and get a second chance  when she returns home years later as the estranged mother?

Merryl Streep is Ricki

Meryl is able to metamorphose so easily into roles and  effortlessly slips into character grabbing her guitar and mike singing as if she had done this a zillion times , and of course giving the audience that raw genuine emotional depth that only this actress can deliver.

Whatever Meryl Streep does, she does to perfection  !

Get Ready for Ricki!


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