Jesus is Coming Back by Simply Johan

Jesus is coming back! by Simply Johan

Lyrics and Music Composed by Simply Johan ©

Jesus is coming

In his Father’s glory

With all His angels

Now let me tell you the rest of the story

He’s gonna reward each person

According to the things they have done

So you better start marching

Cause the day is sure to come


He’s coming back

He’s coming back

He’s coming back

My Jesus is coming back

You better get ready

And bare this in mind

it won’t be water but fire next time

Listen to His teachings

And burn them in your soul, mind, and heart

Turn away from sin

And start marching for the Lord

You gotta trust in Him and His word

Like He said we should

I tell you

He’s truly coming back

For the true and good


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A Conversation with Oranyan Coltrane on Life and Music …

 A Conversation with Oranyan Coltrane on Life and Music … 

Oranyan Coltrane

“Music has to do something for you, if it doesn’t move you or evoke something …it has to do something for you! ” Oranyan Coltrane

What was it like growing up as one of the sons of the legendary John Coltrane & Alice Coltrane? Well, I grew up in a very awesome musical household – my parents are John Coltrane and Alice Coltrane and we’re jazz musicians. We had a grand piano in the living room and I can remember my mom always playing classical music and  jazz music and her own compositions so it’s just an awesome feeling to be surrounded by such greatness and  such awesome music

Were you close to your mother? Close to my mom, my father passed when I was really young. I was born in 1967 and he died shortly after that.. like the following month so I didn’t get that connection with my father that much.  His music is very sentimental to me and I feel his spirit ever-present in his music and it’s a deep connection for me whenever I listen to my dad’s music.  One way that I really feel a part of him and that I feel that I know him…

John & Alice Coltrane

John & Alice Coltrane

Is it a gift or a double edge sword to have famous parents? Exactly … Well, I feel that everything is a reflection of my parents in a way because they’re both such awesome jazz musicians. People will talk to me and they say “Oh my gosh, your parents are awesome… and  you know I used to listen and study John Coltrane in college and all your dad’s compositions are really wonderful” and I don’t mind that, I feel honored by that, they’re my parents and they’re only giving their thanks to them and showing their love for them and what they’ve done. So that doesn’t bother me at all… I think it’s wonderful.

How was your childhood? Childhood was cool. We grew up in Huntington, New York, lots of snow and it was cold. I don’t have too many childhood memories. I have two older siblings  John and Ravi and we used to play in the snow and ride our bikes and stuff like that and tear up the house …you know, things that boys do!

Did the three of you get together to play? Yes, at one time, we had a quartet myself, my brother Ravi and my brother John. Ravi was playing tenor saxophone and soprano and my older brother John was on bass.

Did you feel any pressure growing up with music in your blood? No, I’ve always felt blessed and enlightened by it because my parents were my examples and I knew that I had to do great things in music. I knew that … I had to… that music was my calling. Of course, I knew this is where I would be going, that my career would be in music, but I never felt pressured in music. I think there was more pressure for my siblings. My brother who is a jazz musician and he is very good at it ..and I kinda felt that he would have liked me to follow in that way also .. he would have liked me to stay playing jazz and that kinda thing, but I had another idea in music.  I wanted to follow my own path, different styles of music. I was playing rock for a while.

I studied at various universities  CAL Art, Cal State Northridge and I was in jazz ensembles and music appreciation and I’ve always had such  a great appreciation for music, I could play rock music or I could play Pop and dance music and I enjoyed it so .. I just I never felt like I needed to stay with one thing,

What does music mean to you?  Music is a way for me to open up & express how I feel, express my life… any kind of music. Music to express life and it does not matter which style it is.

So you first started playing jazz …and then rock? I enjoyed jazz, I got to travel all over the world and concertize in many different places. That’s really like my first and most powerful experience in professional music. Playing jazz and traveling the world with my family.

Why did you stop playing jazz? Well, it wasn’t about stopping… it was about keeping moving and playing the music I wanted to play.  Back in that day, you felt you could do everything and there were no limits. I wanted to start a band. I started a rock band in 2001.  I picked up a guitar, played drums and sang and we played overseas in the Philippines.  So, that was pretty cool. Then I wrote an album self-entitled “Oranyan” released in 2004. It was actually recorded and produced right here in my home studio and then from there, I went to electronic music.


What made you switch, do you recall…? That’s a great thing. I always had a drum machine and stuff like that at my home and liked playing with synthesizers, different sounds and tweaking so I always had electronics in the back of mind.

You remind me of a kid in a candy store…what candy or what instrument are you going to try next? Music is so fathomless and we shouldn’t put limitations on ourselves and it’s so forgiving too. Music is very forgiving, if you do something that isn’t that great, you can always go back and make it better. So, yeah…  it’s always been in the back of my mind with electronic music and I finally just went out and bought some software and started composing songs on my laptop. Which is really rewarding, I mean I feel so happy when I create new music.

What are you working on now?  Electronic music with some trance and dance music overtones. I am working on a trance house music album right now. I am doing the recording now A 13-15 track album.

Why trance music? Because trance has this kind of hypnotic and inviting feel to it. It just allows you to .. it moves you.. it moves your spirit into one-pointedness which is spirit… it’s like a mantra… It has that meditative quality and meaning to it.  I believe what I am trying to do is express myself through my music. I think music can transform the world, it can move mountains, it’s a very powerful force and I think it can. On a spiritual level when you offer that music to a higher power others can benefit from your work and from what you are doing. I also believe that if something is created in a very .. I don’t really know how to word it.. but whatever your intentions are…in your music then people will see that. If you’re just going to be angry about something then that would be a terrible thing to do to the world because that’s what you’re offering humanity. I just try to fill it up with everything that I am at the moment and all the good things that make me happy.

So, music is who you are at the moment? Yes, but you see, I still see this as being ONE… musically as a person, as a vehicle, I have changed but as a person, I haven’t changed.  Musically as a person as a vehicle, I haven’t change…but music as a vehicle has changed because it’s gone from jazz music to rock music to the kind of music that I am doing now. Music as a vehicle has changed but me as an instrument, my voice as an instrument has not changed because I still write and sing about the things that I love, that I enjoy, that’s what I think music is about. So I am only trying to express that. It’s a great process, life events…

The loss of your mother, not too long ago, what this part of that experimentation and was it a grieving catalyst? Yeah. Music is that way, you’re able to express a lot of things through the music and you know, pain, joy, all the works. About my mom’s passing, did it affect me and my music.. as far as musically? As far as me as a person, I took like it any other child would who has lost their father and their mother. I took a moment just to grieve and to appreciate, remember who she is and everything that she meant to me. So yeah, I just needed to just step aside reflect who she is, step aside from everything  and deal with my mom’s passing which I was fortunate to have done and  that helped me grow and like I said it helped me to  remember and to appreciate everything that she and my dad had done for me and my family so it was really a growing process. When you work out of the pain you’re able to grow and you can feel at peace with yourself again. So those things come out in the music also…If you’re an artist those things, those emotions and feelings are there, I mean how could they not…so I don’t know if music works that way if it’s that extreme.. for me I changed my style because I am searching for who I am .. that’s what I felt and I feel really content in music right now, I like what I am doing now.

How do you go about recording your music? I try to have as much fun as possible when I am. From there just start building the machine, start building the vehicle, the music. I go from drums to the base and then to chord an then I’ll start charting down some ideas…the music really dictates what it’s going to be.  I am a reverse writer like most people will write the lyrics to a song  and then they’ll  start fooling around on the keyboard and get an idea based on what the words and the meaning is, whereas I create the music first and after I do that I am able to write some things down, jot some things on paper as to how the music is making me feel, what does it mean to me and that kind of thing . And that’s the fun part for me because sometimes I’ll just improvise. I don’t necessarily need to go to the pen and paper. I’ll just improvise and listen back to it and say “Wow! I like that, that was good! That’s definitively the hook!” I build off that.

When do you know when you’re done? Well, that’s a good question. Some songs are immediate, some songs write themselves. You know musicians are just really incredible people… they’re just incredible.. you’re a musician, aren’t you?

[More of a writer. I use the word to express myself on paper but I can relate to the inspiration of a musician or an artist in general…]

There’s no mistake in music so it’s like I am finding it hard to explain what  I am trying to explain… it’s like when you’re writing music you get in this state of a spiritual state or meditative state sometimes and literally, the music is just flowing through you, it’s like literally flowing through you… it’s like, like jazz musicians improvising. You reach a place where you’re really just one with the music and you’re able just to express. Literally what’s going on is through your soul and it’s amazing, it’s like having a breakthrough. Now that’s in playing music, but now when you’re writing music sometimes you reach those places where the songs just write themselves sitting there just looking at a good song. Those are the songs that are definitively hit songs, it’s definitively magic, it’s definitely a blessing and then there are other songs that you work on and they just take forever. I mean I had songs that, you know, I just have to set aside and then go back to them later because they’re just  not fully realized  and it’s not going to be good for me  to just bang my head over the wall and be like I “have to” write this song, I want it to be perfect. Some songs are sacrificed and you have to let them go and revisit them later and maybe at that time you’ll have the song you want or you’ll get the blessing…

Where do you see yourself in the near future? I am working on a dance song with just a simple dance song, with rhythm… I don’t know what the album is going to be or what I am going to name it. I like to write the songs first and then when I am done  I’ll be able to come up with a good title for the album but it’s definitively going to be electronic dance music. I’d love to be right there on stage with all the other great DJs and composers who are playing trance music and dance music ..  YouTube

Around the world“, adds Oranyan’s wife, Olivia Coltrane…

Yeah, absolutely, and playing and being able to share my work, my art throughout the world that’s what I’d like. I’d love to be on tour or overseas, in France, in Germany, in Japan doing what I love and hoping that people like it, that it’s well-received and that the people understand.

Do you foresee other musical changes? This may sound crazy but within dance music,  I feel you can incorporate so many things and people accept it.  I love working with musicians, you can have people, various artists you can get to sing on your songs or play guitar or saxophone so to me dance music is limitless. And as far as improvisational it could be the closest thing to jazz music, cause you’re able to expand and bring performers and musicians with you so that’s I feel like about it. And I do have really cool ideas about incorporating more instrumentation. I do play guitar and piano and I also sing and that’s what you’re going to hear on my albums that are released. I’d also like to work with other musicians and to record on my recordings in live situations.

Music has to do something for you, if it doesn’t move you or evoke something …it has to do something for you…

Thank you, Oranyan Coltrane, for this inspiring and candid conversation!  I wish you the best with all your projects!

Interview by Guylaine S. Gamble 

Best Cover of Earth Wind and Fire September by Simply Johan


In my opinion, the best cover of September on the site is performed by OurStage artist Panache Band‘s  lead singer Johan aka Simply Johan.


They open the song with solo piano instead of two guitars like the original, allowing the listener to hear all moving parts in one place. Moreover, the method of recording used for this introduction, and the addition of dissonant notes, makes the piano sounds natural and sophisticated. They alter the brass as well, manipulating the opening horn riff just enough to make it unique from the original, a trend that develops throughout the piece; similar sounding enough to create the same energy and feeling, but imaginative enough to gloat about its own knack.

The most unattainable disparity between this rendition and the 1979 version is the singing. Obviously, Maurice White’s vocal ability is nearly impossible to replicate. Instead of trying to perfect the falsetto, Panache Band singer Johan belts the lyrics out in a lower octave. And though at first this may seem like a cop-out, it adds a raspy strength to the vocal line that’s absent in the original. Besides, the overflowing brass section adequately compensates for any lacking high frequencies.

Lastly, they lay the icing on the funk cake with quietly lurking organ riffs throughout—a perfect wildcard addition to make the song their own.”

Earth Wind & Fire cd-cover

Originally Published by
Contributing Writer Features
September 19, 2009, in  Volume 4


September Cover by Simply Johan


Love song seeking major artists for re-recording in 6 languages!

“Just Loving You” translated in 6 languages seeking recording artists solo or in duet. Available for Licensing/Placement and for major artist re-recording with lyrics in several languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish, German and Swedish!

A slow romantic style tune because Nikki Hornsby knows that you can find someone very special that gives you hope for tomorrow by standing beside you. And what is most important than that… by Just Loving You. Written, sung, arranged & co-produced by Nikki Hornsby, CJP-NHRecords, Inc. release from “Just Wait” CD available for downloads iTunes, etc.

French lyrics: “En t’aimant tout simplement”

On Pointe at 50 and Beyond!… Featuring Marie-France Lévesque and The Los Angeles Dance Company is a Triumph!

“On Pointe at 50 and Beyond!… Featuring Marie-France Lévesque and The Los Angeles Dance Company is a Triumph! “

On Saturday November 2, 2013  the world-premiere of “On Pointe at 50 and Beyond!…”  took place at Scherr Forum Theater in Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. Presented by The Los Angeles Dance Company featuring former American Ballet Theater ballerina Marie-France Lévesque and her ensemble of outstanding dancers in a multidimensional grand production including over 20 numbers in two acts from a Pot-Pourri Medley to French and Latin Quarters.

On Pointe at 50 and Beyond/ Photo Credit/Reggie Hailey

On Pointe at 50 and Beyond/ Photo Credit/Reggie Hailey

This very special  and moving evening marked Marie-France Lévesque’s  triumphal return to the stage upon turning 50 following  a devastating  car accident that stopped her career 14 years ago!  Marie -France is back “on pointe!” and encourages all  people of every age to get back “on pointe” in their lives too no matter what! “Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived no matter what great obstacles you face and no matter what people may think!” said Bob Pritchard, Master of Ceremony  as he welcomed and introduced  “On Pointe at 50 and Beyond!…”

On Pointe at 50 and Beyond/ Photo Credit/Reggie Hailey

On Pointe at 50 and Beyond/ Photo Credit/Reggie Hailey

This accomplished ballerina gave us a performance to remember! From classic pas- de- deux in White Swan, Tango à Trois,  Patrick Frantz‘s Elegie, Craig Williams Rendez-Vous in Paris, Fractured Dreams by Antonio Lopez and many other wonderful numbers choreographed as well by Gary Franco and by Marie-France Lévesque herself.

On Pointe at 50 and Beyond!.../Photo Credit: Reggie Hailey

On Pointe at 50 and Beyond!…/Photo Credit: Reggie Hailey

We were also treated to some Opera by Elisabeth Howard who  performed two arias  from Romeo and Juliette and La Traviata while Claire MacKenzie beautifully interpreted some Carmen with Habanera.

Photo Credit/Reggie Hailey

Photo Credit/Reggie Hailey

Grammy- nominated Latin piano virtuoso Freddie Ravel enchanted and entertained the audience throughout the evening as he accompanied live the dancers in several dance numbers from A Secret Place pas-de-deux , Fanfare, Pure Love “water” Journey through Ixtlan, Kama Sutra, and delighted us with his original compositions “In the Moment” and Rondo ala Salsa inspired by Mozart in an intimate festive atmosphere and happy hands clapping in unison in the theater!

Photo Credit /Reggie Hailey

Photo Credit /Reggie Hailey

Then , 7 Grammy artist Al Jarreau casually made his entrance on the stage : “Hi ! My name is AL, just call me AL… and I am going to rap for you this evening! to pay tribute to his friend Marie-France Lévesque delivering  a libretto co-written with Freddie Ravel “My Kite, the Dancer ( Ode to Ballet) ” which he performed free-style accompanied by Freddie Ravel on piano while dancer Emma Dewing & then  Marie-France  gracefully twirled around in a nostalgic dance.

Photo Credit/Reggie Hailey

Photo Credit/Reggie Hailey

A grand celebration of Life and Dance brought to lIfe!


To get involved and help the LADC continue to inspire through dance to live “On Pointe” at 50 and beyond!… please  visit :

Al Jarreau Special In-Person Performance For World Premiere Of “On Pointe At 50 And Beyond!”

The Los Angeles Dance Company featuring Marie -France Lévesque former American Ballet Theater dancer  presents a world Premiere event “On Pointe at 50 and Beyond!’  on Saturday November 2, 2013 at The Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza – Scherr Forum Theater.

With a cast of distinguished Guests Artists including  Grammy-nominated and world-renowned Latin piano virtuoso  Freddie Ravel , Opera singer and “Ms. Senior California & America 2012”  Elisabeth Howard, and  Master of Ceremony Bob Pritchard , the LADC  is now  officially both thrilled and honored to welcome Jazz/Crossover vocal legend : Al Jarreau!

Music aficionados around the world often refer to Al Jarreau’s unique vocal style as one of the world’s most precious treasures. His innovative musical expressions have made him one of the most exciting and critically acclaimed performers of our time with seven Grammy® Awards in all 3 categories R&B, POP and JAZZ , scores of international music awards and popular accolades worldwide.

Al Jarreau - Beret
Guests of the performance will not only be treated to an evening of world-class dance and music  but to a very intimate in person performance by  Al Jarreau who joins forces with Freddie Ravel to create a new art form bridging dance, poetry and music in a musical libretto inspired by Marie-France Lévesque’s dancing.


 Mr. Al Jarreau was so inspired by Marie-France Levesque’s dancing during the pre-show performance that  he composed a song on the spot!

“I was thoroughly impressed by The Los Angeles Dance Company, and by Marie-France’s energetic & emotional dancing.  Her innovative and passionate choreography inspired me to write a new song on the spot!  The LADC is truly worth supporting.” Al Jarreau

Al Jarreau & Marie France Levesque


On Pointe at 50 and Beyond! is choreographed by former ABT dancer Craig Williams and Marie-France Lévesque, former San Francisco Ballet principal Mark Lopez and former Paris Opera Theater Principal , Patrick Frantz.


This is an event not to be missed!  This inspiring and motivational ballet, contemporary dance and music performance is sure to surprise, delight and empower people of all ages .

Tickets/ Info

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“Dance is movement and movement is Life!” The Los Angeles Dance Company celebrates ” National Dance Day 2013!”

The Los Angeles Dance Company BIG TICKET LAUNCH takes place today on National Dance Day July 27, 2013 for the upcoming event “On Pointe” at 50 and Beyond!…  

Dance is movement and movement is Life!

On Pointe @ 50 Poster

Marie-France Lévesque former American Ballet Theater Ballerina  (under the direction of Lucia Chase and Mikhail Baryshnikov) is the Founder & Artistic Director Choreographer & Dancer of the Los Angeles Dance Company  with choreographers Patrick Frantz former principal  dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet, Craig Williams from the American Ballet Theater, Mark Lopez former principal dancer with the San Francisco Ballet.

Ensemble red

The Los Angeles Dance Company is a classicaly trained, culturally diverse professional dance company, blending traditional, neo-classical & contemporary ballet with some latin and ballroom flair!

Marie France in red

“On Pointe” at 50 and Beyond! is an inspirational and motivational performance that encourages people of all ages, more specifically people over 50 and over, that they still can pursue their dreams, passions & aspirations and that even living through one of the worst economic times in cour country’s history they still CAN reinvent their careers and life and do something that will fulfil their soul , make them feel sef-realized with purpose & create the magic in their Life.

Trio Performance

The audience will be tretaed with internationally acclaimed star guest artists such as Grammy nominated composera nd latin piano virtuoso Freddie Ravel. Opera singer and “Ms. Senior California and America 2012” Elizabeth Howard and others.

Ensemble in black

This event has a real message for all says Marie-France Lévesque: “Gather the courage to be “On Pointe” with yourself in your Life! It’s a movement and a new attitude for Life! “

The Team LADC

Dance is movement and movement is Life!

Join us in the celebration today and “Get up and Move!” and come join the movement on November 2, 2013 at the beautiful Scherr Forum Theater in Thousand Oaks, California.


Make Music Pasadena on June 1st 2013 !

Over 150 concerts on Saturday, June 1. Amazing emerging bands who are playing more intimate venues including Slater’s 50/50 Pasadena, Vertical Wine Bistro, Creme de la Crepe, POP Champagne & Dessert Bar, Old Town Pub Pasadena, 35er Bar, Century Books, HighLowVintage, One Love Pasadena, Club Menage, Twin Palms Pasadena + much more!

Make Music Pasadena 2013

When you come to the festival please check out some of the smaller stages- they are just amazing if not more so!!!  You’ll see todays emerging artist in an intimate setting who could be next year’s hot thing!

Full schedule here:

Just Lovin You in All Languages cause LOVE is Universal!

Just Lovin You, love song by Nikki Hornsby ,Recording Artist, GRAMMY Awards Nara Voter and founder of CJP-NHRecords Label is now in almost 5 languages ( with over 10K  YouTube views in US) and available for licensing and/or artist re-recording in Europe as a duet!

A slow romantic style tune because Nikki knows that you can find someone very special that gives you hope for tomorrow by standing beside you. And what is most important than that… by just loving you. Written, sung, arranged & co produced by Nikki Hornsby, CJP-NHRecords, Inc. release from “Just Wait” CD available for downloads iTunes etc.

Translations of “Just Lovin You” found online YouTube support videos:
JUST LOVIN YOU new music links
And soon in Spanish… “Just Lovin You!”  for re-recording for international artist in single or duet!

Carla Bruni’s Little French Songs!

Carla Bruni is back with a new album entitled “Little French Songs” coming out April 1st, 2013! Pre-order available in the US now on Amazon!

Little French Songs  Carla Bruni signed with Universal Music France at the Barclay Logo label in January 2013 for brand new projects launching this fourth album following her 5 year musical hiatus at the Elysées as the Frst Lady of France .

Carla Bruni Clip tournage 1

Carla Bruni Clip Tournage 2

Black History Month is Deeper than February!

Black History Month is deeper than February!

Louis Armstrong

Below are links that celebrate Black History in commemoration of the efforts, dedication, sacrifice of the men & women who have fought for us to reach milestones in the quest for human rights for all races and because music is a universal language we celebrate Black History through the evolution of African-American Music.

Black Music Timeline

Just Loving You! (MP3/iTunes/iPhones) ❤

Promo for the song “Just Lovin You” MP3 files available online for your iPhones (iTunes) and other eStores online. Also the Mog/Muzak plus other companies have license to provide for any business owners for their Feb. month to play in Stores & on messages. Links & data on this song provided by CJPStaff member .  You know this song is for special people too:

Just Loving You Promo