Best Cover of Earth Wind & Fire “September”


Earth Wind & Fire cd-coverIn my opinion, the best cover of September on the site is performed by OurStage artist Panache Band‘s  lead singer Johan aka Simply Johan

Panache (41)

They open the song with solo piano instead of two guitars like the original, allowing the listener to hear all moving parts in one place. Moreover, the method of recording used for this introduction, and the addition of dissonant notes, makes the piano sounds natural and sophisticated. They alter the brass as well, manipulating the opening horn riff just enough to make it unique from the original, a trend that develops throughout the piece; similar sounding enough to create the same energy and feeling, but imaginative enough to gloat about its own knack.

Johan & the Panache Band

The most unattainable disparity between this rendition and the 1979 version is the singing. Obviously, Maurice White’s vocal ability is nearly impossible to replicate. Instead of trying to perfect the falsetto, Panache Band singer Johan belts the lyrics out in a lower octave. And though at first this may seem like a cop-out, it adds a raspy strength to the vocal line that’s absent in the original. Besides, the overflowing brass section adequately compensates for any lacking high frequencies.

Lastly, they lay the icing on the funk cake with quietly lurking organ riffs throughout—a perfect wildcard addition to make the song their own.”

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September 19, 2009 in  Volume 4

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Johan & The Panache Band 

September Cover by Simply Johan

Listen to Earth, wind & Fire cover of SEPTEMBER by Johan on Reverbnation!

Carla Bruni’s Little French Songs!

Carla Bruni is back with a new album entitled “Little French Songs” coming out April 1rst 2013! Pre-order available in the US now on Amazon!

Little French Songs  Carla Bruni signed with Universal Music France at the Barclay Logo label in January 2013 for brand new projects launching this fourth album following her 5 year musical hiatus at the Elysées as the Frst Lady of France .

Carla Bruni Clip tournage 1

Carla Bruni Clip Tournage 2

“Chez Keith et Anita” single

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Davis Guetta’s Nothing but the Beat!

“I cannot look at myself in the mirror if I do not give 100 percent. My ambition is new each day, I have so much to learn and so much to achieve.”

“I wanted to bridge …electronic culture and urban culture, a bridge between black and white people”

 “My drug is connecting to the people”  David Guetta

 Nothing but the Beat is David Guetta’s story, French house DJ & Producer multi-platinum selling artist in Europe, with three chart-topping albums to his name to date (Just a Little More Love 2002; Guetta Blaster, 2004; Pop Life, 2007). His signature sound is a mix of electro, house and pop. This feature documentary is the story & life of David Guetta and House Music/ Electro Pop revolutionized by one man’s vision!

Watch Nothing but the Beat  the movie here!!!

Looking back a glimpse into David Guetta’s world…

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Madonna is the Queen of Pop!

Madonna is the Queen of Pop!

Madonna’s MDNA album is now available for pre-order from iTunes: – The 18 track Deluxe Edition includes an exclusive remix, which will be available from Friday February 3rd through Monday February 6th only. During this time period the album will be available for $9.99 and you will also receive the digital single “Give Me All Your Luvin'” immediately.

1rst Grammy Awards Flashback

Flashback.. May 4th, 1959  the very  First  Annual Grammy Awards took place and  awarded  film composer Henry Mancini (April 16, 1924 – June 14, 1994)  the very  first Album of the Year Award  for  The Music From Peter Gunn!  A half century later,  Mancini’s  theme The Pink Panther  released in 1963 is still alive and kicking and fresh as ever!

One of my ultimate favorite instrumental tracks, The Pink  Panther was released as a single in 1964 by RCA Records reaching  Top 10 in the Adult Contemporary Billboard and winning 3 Grammy Awards including an Academy Awards  nomination for original Music  Score. Mancini went on to receive an accolade record number of Grammy Awards, including a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award in 1995.  Great inspired music is everlasting!

The Pink Panther Album