On Pointe at 50 and Beyond!… Featuring Marie-France Lévesque and The Los Angeles Dance Company is a Triumph!

“On Pointe at 50 and Beyond!… Featuring Marie-France Lévesque and The Los Angeles Dance Company is a Triumph! “

On Saturday November 2, 2013  the world-premiere of “On Pointe at 50 and Beyond!…”  took place at Scherr Forum Theater in Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza. Presented by The Los Angeles Dance Company featuring former American Ballet Theater ballerina Marie-France Lévesque and her ensemble of outstanding dancers in a multidimensional grand production including over 20 numbers in two acts from a Pot-Pourri Medley to French and Latin Quarters.

On Pointe at 50 and Beyond/ Photo Credit/Reggie Hailey

On Pointe at 50 and Beyond/ Photo Credit/Reggie Hailey

This very special  and moving evening marked Marie-France Lévesque’s  triumphal return to the stage upon turning 50 following  a devastating  car accident that stopped her career 14 years ago!  Marie -France is back “on pointe!” and encourages all  people of every age to get back “on pointe” in their lives too no matter what! “Life is meant to be enjoyed and lived no matter what great obstacles you face and no matter what people may think!” said Bob Pritchard, Master of Ceremony  as he welcomed and introduced  “On Pointe at 50 and Beyond!…”

On Pointe at 50 and Beyond/ Photo Credit/Reggie Hailey

On Pointe at 50 and Beyond/ Photo Credit/Reggie Hailey

This accomplished ballerina gave us a performance to remember! From classic pas- de- deux in White Swan, Tango à Trois,  Patrick Frantz‘s Elegie, Craig Williams Rendez-Vous in Paris, Fractured Dreams by Antonio Lopez and many other wonderful numbers choreographed as well by Gary Franco and by Marie-France Lévesque herself.

On Pointe at 50 and Beyond!.../Photo Credit: Reggie Hailey

On Pointe at 50 and Beyond!…/Photo Credit: Reggie Hailey

We were also treated to some Opera by Elisabeth Howard who  performed two arias  from Romeo and Juliette and La Traviata while Claire MacKenzie beautifully interpreted some Carmen with Habanera.

Photo Credit/Reggie Hailey

Photo Credit/Reggie Hailey

Grammy- nominated Latin piano virtuoso Freddie Ravel enchanted and entertained the audience throughout the evening as he accompanied live the dancers in several dance numbers from A Secret Place pas-de-deux , Fanfare, Pure Love “water” Journey through Ixtlan, Kama Sutra, and delighted us with his original compositions “In the Moment” and Rondo ala Salsa inspired by Mozart in an intimate festive atmosphere and happy hands clapping in unison in the theater!

Photo Credit /Reggie Hailey

Photo Credit /Reggie Hailey

Then , 7 Grammy artist Al Jarreau casually made his entrance on the stage : “Hi ! My name is AL, just call me AL… and I am going to rap for you this evening! to pay tribute to his friend Marie-France Lévesque delivering  a libretto co-written with Freddie Ravel “My Kite, the Dancer ( Ode to Ballet) ” which he performed free-style accompanied by Freddie Ravel on piano while dancer Emma Dewing & then  Marie-France  gracefully twirled around in a nostalgic dance.
Photo Credit/Reggie Hailey

Photo Credit/Reggie Hailey

A grand celebration of Life and Dance brought to lIfe!


To get involved and help the LADC continue to inspire through dance to live “On Pointe” at 50 and beyond!… please  visit : www.theLADC.com

Al Jarreau Special In-Person Performance For World Premiere Of “On Pointe At 50 And Beyond!”

The Los Angeles Dance Company featuring Marie -France Lévesque former American Ballet Theater dancer  presents a world Premiere event “On Pointe at 50 and Beyond!’  on Saturday November 2, 2013 at The Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza – Scherr Forum Theater.

With a cast of distinguished Guests Artists including  Grammy-nominated and world-renowned Latin piano virtuoso  Freddie Ravel , Opera singer and “Ms. Senior California & America 2012”  Elisabeth Howard, and  Master of Ceremony Bob Pritchard , the LADC  is now  officially both thrilled and honored to welcome Jazz/Crossover vocal legend : Al Jarreau!

Music aficionados around the world often refer to Al Jarreau’s unique vocal style as one of the world’s most precious treasures. His innovative musical expressions have made him one of the most exciting and critically acclaimed performers of our time with seven Grammy® Awards in all 3 categories R&B, POP and JAZZ , scores of international music awards and popular accolades worldwide.

Al Jarreau - Beret
Guests of the performance will not only be treated to an evening of world-class dance and music  but to a very intimate in person performance by  Al Jarreau who joins forces with Freddie Ravel to create a new art form bridging dance, poetry and music in a musical libretto inspired by Marie-France Lévesque’s dancing.


 Mr. Al Jarreau was so inspired by Marie-France Levesque’s dancing during the pre-show performance that  he composed a song on the spot!

“I was thoroughly impressed by The Los Angeles Dance Company, and by Marie-France’s energetic & emotional dancing.  Her innovative and passionate choreography inspired me to write a new song on the spot!  The LADC is truly worth supporting.” Al Jarreau

Al Jarreau & Marie France Levesque


On Pointe at 50 and Beyond! is choreographed by former ABT dancer Craig Williams and Marie-France Lévesque, former San Francisco Ballet principal Mark Lopez and former Paris Opera Theater Principal , Patrick Frantz.


This is an event not to be missed!  This inspiring and motivational ballet, contemporary dance and music performance is sure to surprise, delight and empower people of all ages .

Tickets/ Info


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“Dance is movement and movement is Life!” The Los Angeles Dance Company celebrates ” National Dance Day 2013!”

The Los Angeles Dance Company BIG TICKET LAUNCH takes place today on National Dance Day July 27, 2013 for the upcoming event “On Pointe” at 50 and Beyond!…  

Dance is movement and movement is Life!

On Pointe @ 50 Poster

Marie-France Lévesque former American Ballet Theater Ballerina  (under the direction of Lucia Chase and Mikhail Baryshnikov) is the Founder & Artistic Director Choreographer & Dancer of the Los Angeles Dance Company  with choreographers Patrick Frantz former principal  dancer at the Paris Opera Ballet, Craig Williams from the American Ballet Theater, Mark Lopez former principal dancer with the San Francisco Ballet.

Ensemble red

The Los Angeles Dance Company is a classicaly trained, culturally diverse professional dance company, blending traditional, neo-classical & contemporary ballet with some latin and ballroom flair!

Marie France in red

“On Pointe” at 50 and Beyond! is an inspirational and motivational performance that encourages people of all ages, more specifically people over 50 and over, that they still can pursue their dreams, passions & aspirations and that even living through one of the worst economic times in cour country’s history they still CAN reinvent their careers and life and do something that will fulfil their soul , make them feel sef-realized with purpose & create the magic in their Life.

Trio Performance

The audience will be tretaed with internationally acclaimed star guest artists such as Grammy nominated composera nd latin piano virtuoso Freddie Ravel. Opera singer and “Ms. Senior California and America 2012” Elizabeth Howard and others.

Ensemble in black

This event has a real message for all says Marie-France Lévesque: “Gather the courage to be “On Pointe” with yourself in your Life! It’s a movement and a new attitude for Life! “

The Team LADC

Dance is movement and movement is Life!

Join us in the celebration today and “Get up and Move!” and come join the movement on November 2, 2013 at the beautiful Scherr Forum Theater in Thousand Oaks, California.

INFO & TICKETS http://www.theladcd.com

Tune Up To Success® with Freddie Ravel

“The mission of Tune Up to Success is to reveal that Music is far more than entertainment. It is an intuitive multi-tasking tool to empower us at work and at home.”  Says Freddie Ravel of his ingenuous and beautiful program he created to bridge humanity through music. As you listen to  the introduction on the  video you’ll get a glimpse of what it’s all about!  In my humble opinion every one involved with people, business and LIFE  in general ought to take a listen…a real listen!

Tune Up to Success® from acclaimed musician and Grammy award nominee Freddie Ravel. Utterly captivated by Music since age 5, this Grammy-winning producer and keyboardist began performing worldwide with Brazilian master Sergio Mendes by age 23. Shortly thereafter, Universal Music released three top-charting solo albums including the #1 hit, “Sunny Side Up”. Soaring to the top echelons, his concert performances, productions and recordings span three decades across six continents with icons Earth, Wind & Fire, Al Jarreau, Madonna, Prince, Quincy Jones, the Boston Pops and Rock legend, Carlos Santana.

Launched in 2002, Ravel’s award-winning “Tune Up To Success®” keynote concerts apply the principles of music to life. Dubbed the “Motivational Maestro” by the city of Los Angeles, he “edutains” audiences from the heart of the Amazon to the boardrooms of corporate America garnering rave reviews from Apple, NASA and Wal-Mart as well as thought leaders Dr. Deepak Chopra, Jack Canfield and Andre Agassi.”The Freddie Ravel Band and the Tune Up To Success® Team are dedicated to raising Human Potential through internationally diverse genres of Music to ultimately teach the power of “active listening” first to yourself then to the world at large.”

“Before any orchestra play their very first note they tune Up!  Music is everywhere… it permeates every aspects of our lives!  There is symphony everywhere!  We were given two ears and only one mouth because God said that listening is twice as hard as  talking … Freddie offers an update on this saying  we actually need three ears 1. listening to our own melody for who we are and what we stand for  2. listening to harmony where ever we can and why that is so akin to compassion 3. listening to daily rhythms of our life and how we conduct and manage our time….This is where the score is realized it’s the combination of melody, harmony and rhythm that helps us achieve a symphonic masterpiece!”  

A revolutionary methodology that uses the elements of virtually any genre of Music to empower personal and professional life. This universal approach guides us to “Tune Up” to one another in ways that foster leadership, teamwork, communication, diplomacy and sheer inspiration by revealing the link between harmonious music inventing and consistent success in business and in life. Music affects “the bottom line” and Tune Up To Success culls the works of Bach, The Beatles and BB King to Celine, Santana and Sinatra to empower our everyday interactions and life purpose.”

Freddie Ravel’s “Music Applied to Life” Book & CD  to be released Fall 2012!

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Freddie Ravel launches Valley Cultural Center’s First Annual Jazz Festival

BLOG REPOST from Valley Cultural Center/ because we love Freddie Ravel! More to come in this blog about this amazing artist! This will be the very first Annual Jazz festival for Valley Cultural Center. Mark your calendars!  & “bring your picnic and dancing shoes!”

Reposted…. Flash News!

“Valley Cultural Center’s First Annual Jazz Festival

June 3, 2012 | 4 to 8 PM

Features Freddie Ravel’s TuneUP to Music Celebration and other featured artists

Launching our 2012 summer season is keyboardist extraordinaire, FREDDIE RAVEL featuring stellar guest artists and a world-class ensemble.

The L.A. Times writes: “Ravel masterfully blends jazz textures, rock energy & tropical rhythms,” acknowledging a career that spans two decades across six continents with such icons as Earth, Wind & Fire, Sergio Mendes, Madonna, the Boston Pops and Rock legend, Carlos Santana.

Universal Music released the L.A. native’s three top-charting solo albums including the #1 hit in America, “Sunny Side Up” while his upcoming book “If Music Could Speak”, and subsequent CD are to be released Fall 2012.

Awarded the title “Motivational Maestro” by the City of Los Angeles along with accolades ranging from Prince, Madonna, Santana and The Boston Pops to NASA and Apple, Freddie combines his number-one hits and Grammy nominated recordings with his renowned Tune UP to Success programs, bringing the power of music to enhance everyday life.
This “TuneUP to Music Celebration” will also feature the sultry saxophone master, Everette Harp, the renowned, 12-piece band, BERN, and CSUN’s Enderman Quintet. Don’t forget your dancing shoes.”

Visit Valley Cultural Center website for more info on this event!

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