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Frédéric Paul Lallet

Today, we rediscover a brand new Frédéric Paul Lallet! Intuitive musician, vocalist on the creative waves of his compositions, his soft and sensual voice expresses itself today in a pop language! His new track “YOU” is here! Infused with Latin Jazz rhythms and sultry vocals reminiscent of Gainsbourg it is a celebration of  Love & Life!  Frédéric is full of surprises!

Frédéric will discover music at a young age and will never abandon it taking refuge in his new-found passion. Following his Conservatory years, he will study at the Dick Grove School of Music taking master classes with  the likes of Lalo Schiffrin, Henri Mancini, Pat Martini, Russell Ferrante… In the 90s, Frédéric  records in duo in Paris with Eddie Gomez, Double bass player for pianist Bill Evans or Chick Correa. Returns to New York for a trio with Danny Gottlieb drummer for the guitarist Pat Metheny. He will record equally with counter bassist Viktor Dovskin, the drummer Viktor Espaneshnikov and the German guitaristWerner Hucks.

Victim of an accident in 1992 which will stop him in his tracks… he will open a Music School and recording studio. A decade later, the urge to create is so strong that he once again starts a personal 
journey of works improvisation and composition followed by recordings.In 2008, the album “Third Time” with American altistBrett Deubner is produced followed by  “Vibracciones en Asturias” with Cuban percussionistOrestes Barbachan the following year.

Frédéric decides to stay in Spain a few months and interrupts momentarily his work in improvised piano research. Several encounters will motivate him to reorient his compositions toward a more “popular” register…an album is in progress… and “YOU” is born !  I had the great pleasure to ask Frederic a few questions about his upcoming album and get to know him better – Here’s My exclusive interview:


GSG:  Tell us about “YOU”?

Frédéric Paul Lallet: I had in mind to do something very different of what I was doing musically. I started composing and very soon M. Walter Barr (NYC) and Mme Bénédicte Sanandji (Paris) joined me, Walter for the arrangements of Guapa Mexicana and  Bénédicte for the lyrics. Then in Spain, M. Angel Domenech helped me to do the recording with the musicians…

GSG: What is the musical thread in this new works? is YOU the album name?

Frédéric Paul Lallet: I will say it is a new way of expressing myself with a musical vocabulary more easy to understand. I added my voice for the first time on this two song project. So it is challenging to come back to a structure musical that I left quite a long time ago…. I think I will be able to give a name to the upcoming album as I move forward in my compositions…

GSG: What brought about the shift today in your music from 3rd Stream Jazz?

Frédéric Paul Lallet: Several trips to Spain last year were the vector of this shift. I needed a break in my Third Stream investigation…  lol!

GSG: You have been compared to Keith Jarrett and have worked with some of the greatest musicians such as Eddie Gomez  … any thoughts?

Frédéric Paul Lallet: Yes, of course, too many thoughts to develop here, but I am fascinated how creativity manifests itself… There are musicians, artists and genius. I have been fortunate enough to learn from the three. So memories are tremendous and unforgettable.

GSG:  Would you say that these new works represent a new YOU as well?

Frédéric Paul Lallet: Yes and No. Yes, because it is a fact that I am expressing myself differently. No, because I am the same inside even if like anyone else I need to adapt and adjust to all kinds of situations. It is true that this work gave me the opportunity to meet people with a different mentality and vision of life and well I enjoyed it very much!

GSG: What was the catalyst for this new music?

Frédéric Paul Lallet: The meeting of a great Mexican lady,the love of my children and family, and the help of my producer Mrs.Joséphine Giovannai.  Great people joined me in this project and all gave their best, so all the experiences were very beneficial to me and I think to all of us!

GSG: Enjoyed hearing your voice on this song… reminiscent of Serge Gainsbourg …?

Frédéric Paul Lallet: Yes, reminiscence of Serge Gainsbourg but also others singers…

GSG: I think your fans will be pleasantly surprised… thrilled even…. and some may miss  the former FPL… how do you think this new you will be received?

Frédéric Paul Lallet: Djiiii… I really don’t know. For me the most important was to have a good time and of course a good result… As long as I am in accord with myself the rest is details…

GSG:  Artists are multidimensional and the beauty of the artist is to never cease to explore and recreate, and reinvent?

Frédéric Paul Lallet: Yes, I agree  100%. But yet you can not give what you haven’t received so it takes time, persistence and work to see sometimes results…

GSG: What was your greatest influence for this new material?

Frédéric Paul Lallet: It may sound strange to you but I will say my heart! I love all kinds of music and I tried to mix different styles on “Guapa Mexicana”…

GSG: Is this new music representative of where you are at in your own life? One gets a feeling of a certain “lightness of being…”

Frédéric Paul Lallet: Spending hours on an instrument brings a withdrawal of life in general…and a great solitude… It was about time to move into something more “light” in order to enjoy and stay happy. Life is short and is supposed to be enjoyed no????  :)

GSG:  Can your fans expect more Jazz Improvisation? Future plans…

Frédéric Paul Lallet: Yes of course! I am myself curious to see what direction I am going to take…  I would like to do a video for each song.

GSG:  Enjoyed hearing the joy in this new material and it got me dancing! Do you salsa?

Frédéric Paul Lallet: Well I dance the way I feel… So it is informal but it makes me happy to share with others moments of happiness. So let’s say that I improvised when I salsa or dance any kind of music.

GSG: Will you be going back to Spain to finish this project?

Frédéric Paul Lallet: Yes. I feel good in this country, even though the economic crisis is really affecting the country… People are different, it is a good country to be in.

GSG:  What does music represent for you?  Music is…..

Frédéric Paul Lallet : My language, my mirror…

Thank you  so much Frédéric, we look forward to the album!

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