Just Loving You! (MP3/iTunes/iPhones) ❤

Promo for the song “Just Lovin You” MP3 files available online for your iPhones (iTunes) and other eStores online. Also the Mog/Muzak plus other companies have license to provide for any business owners for their Feb. month to play in Stores & on messages. Links & data on this song provided by CJPStaff member rw@cjp-nhrecords.com .  You know this song is for special people too:http://is.gd/2c3xnY

Just Loving You Promo

Did You Get Your MONEY’S WORTH?

Did You Get Your “Money’s Worth”  is one of many MP3 titles available for Music Placement & Licensing for TV & Film from recording artist & Grammy Voter  Nikki Hornsby, Founder of CJP-NH Records, Inc.

Money’s Worth has rocking tempo beat with western movie type flavor.
“Money’s Worth” from Nikki Horsnby’s celebrated  album
“Just Wait”, released 2006  by Common Justice Productions –
                                           Charted #1 European Charts!
Over 400 titles in Nikki Horsnby’s Library available for TV & FILM Placement &  Licensing!  The MP3 Track “MONEY’S WORTH in TV & FILM is available now for  licensing agreement exclusively through CJP-NHRECORDS  MP3 Specialist
For more information , contact
MP3 Specialist at CJP-NH Records Inc
Attn: Guylaine Simone Gamble
Re: Money’s Worth MP3