Johan of The Panache Band is “icing on the funk cake!”

Johan & the Panache Band is “icing on

the funk cake!” …

Johan & The Panache Band (Official) is the real old-school R&B/FUNK cover show band featuring lead singer Johan originally from St. Louis. Johan picked up his first guitar at 6 years old and toured with the Gospel Airs of East St Louis and with his band Talk of The Town in Germany & Europe back in the ’80s.

The Panache Band has toured the LA gig circuit from Universal Bar & Grill, Pig N’ Whistle, The Palladium, Make Music Pasadena, and other LA venues paying tribute to the greatest: James Brown, Earth Wind & Fire, Morris Day & The Time, Cameo, Marvin Gaye, Bob Marley, Commodores to name a few. The Panache Band brings the house down!

Panache lead singer Johan is an all-around entertainer often called a “phenomenon” on stage by both men & women. The funky old school groove along with Johan’s soulful and sultry vocals will make you groove on the dance floor!

Here’s a  snippet of a Review Repost from contributing Writer at  OurStage – Under Covers – Volume 4- for one of the people’s favorite cover “September” by Earth Wind & Fire.

Earth, Wind & Fire

A multitude of songs entitled “September” subsist in the land of cover-tunes —both outside and inside the realm of OurStage. For the most part, they deal extensively with the two moods mentioned above; excitement with the dawn of a new season and relaxation with the soothing passage of a scalding summer. Perhaps offering the best sonic documentation this bliss can deliver is “September” by Earth, Wind & Fire.

EWF was a funk powerhouse in the 1970s. Bridging funk with gospel, rock, pop, and eventually disco, the band’s sound inevitably transformed into a hodgepodge of lovable genres; genres that proved pleasing in isolation but addicting in marriage. When these styles are crafted together by master arrangers, performed by fantastic musicians, sung with what is perhaps the sunniest falsetto on the face of the planet, the result is music magic.

The first single off the band’s ARC label, “September” appeared at the end of the decade. Sung in the past tense, it can be viewed as both a remembrance of nostalgic memories and/or motivation to look forward to the future. It is the perfect hybrid of sorts, combining the brass-heavy funk groove of the early 70s with the straight-ahead disco percussion audible in the latter years of the decade. Luckily, this song’s euphoric energy has not gone unnoticed in the realm of OurStage.

Johan & The Panache Band

“In my opinion, the best cover of this song on the site is performed by OurStage artist Panache Band. They open the song with solo piano instead of two guitars like the original, allowing the listener to hear all moving parts in one place. Moreover, the method of recording used for this introduction, and the addition of dissonant notes, makes the piano sounds natural and sophisticated. They alter the brass as well, manipulating the opening horn riff just enough to make it unique from the original, a trend that develops throughout the piece; similar sounding enough to create the same energy and feeling, but imaginative enough to gloat about its own knack.

The most unattainable disparity between this rendition and the 1979 version is the singing. Obviously, Maurice White’s vocal ability is nearly impossible to replicate. Instead of trying to perfect the falsetto, Panache Band singer Johan belts the lyrics out in a lower octave. And though at first, this may seem like a cop-out, it adds a raspy strength to the vocal line that’s absent in the original. Besides, the overflowing brass section adequately compensates for any lacking high frequencies.

Lastly, they lay the icing on the funk cake with quietly lurking organ riffs throughout—a perfect wildcard addition to make the song their own.”

Published by Under Covers – OurStage Music & Artist Reviews  Contributing Writer on September 19, 2009, in  Volume 4 – FeaturesNews

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Johan & The Panache Band